Our mission is to build ambitious products that make people’s lives better

About Us

Bemind is a product design studio that transforms big ideas into great products and ventures.

Since 2009, we have partnered with startups and leading companies providing the expertise needed to launch and scale their business, contributing with everything from product design, prototyping and branding to development and advanced machine learning.

We also create ventures on our own.
We believe in building self-sustaining, purposeful products that could overcome customer expectations, anticipating market dynamics.

Our approach.

We focus on people

We put people at the centre of problem solving, based on the principle that any good design must meet the needs of its user. We use Design Thinking, love, collaboration and experimentation through rapid iteration of prototypes.

We move fast

We start with design and prototyping from day one, working with quick iterations we pursue a short time to launched product.

At your disposal, heavy technical experience, fierce focus on product design, production of content, UX, all the needed to take a product from beginning to end. We are capable to bring any idea to life, no matter the complexity.

Client as a partner

We work with you to define, build and continuously improve the experiences people have with your product or brand. Making great products is why we get up in the morning.

In every end, a new beginning

Delivering an experience doesn’t end with a successful launch. That’s when it begins.
We help measure and iterate to ensure that your business is continuously providing value and meeting culture wherever it’s going.